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New AR Five Seven 5.7×28 caliber Rifle. Accepts FNH magazines. Semi-Auto bolt, New ergonomic design custom grip with battery and accessory compartment (holds 2 CR123’s), Mil-Spec Fire control group, Fluted Barrel, completely ambidextrous, Machined from one complete monolithic piece from 7075 T6, Package includes 2 x AR57 50 Round magazines. While supplies last. Some of our products include Extreme rifle rest, IWI Tavor 7 Tavor T7G16, Bulletproof vest NJ

The only problem Defense Review has with the AR Five Seven carbine upper

 just by looking at it, is that it utilizes a right-side-situated charging/cocking handle. Defense Review would prefer either a left-side-situated cocking/charging handle or an ambidextrous/switchable one. Denver hasn’t yet tested the AR-57 carbine ourselves, nor do we yet have any testing data or field reports on the weapon’s accuracy, reliability, durability, or overall performance. We’ll try to get some, soon.

“The upper and lower color match perfect. I am impressed with the quality. It still has the bolt open feature like the AR-15. It does utilize the buffer tube with the stock AR spring and a Heavy buffer that came with it. It ejects the spent cases through the mag well. I had a cheap 30 mag that was no good so I gutted it and cut the top off so it will work as a funnel for the spent cases. I purchased the Upper from

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