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 purchase  armalite  guns online. The Armalite / Colt AR-15 is one of the most favored automatic rifle systems in the world today. The type is considerably enjoyed throughout the United States where its citizens enjoy certain firearm-related freedoms not seen in other developed nations. The AR-15 has proven to be a highly modular, accurate and easy-to-use and maintain system which has only furthered its reach the world over. Hundreds of thousands of examples are currently in circulation and the type has seen uninterrupted production since its inception in 1958.

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Nevertheless, all was not lost for the future of the AR-10 for the US Army continued its interest in the AR-10 and called for some revisions to the basic design. One of the major changes was in the chambering of the smaller .223 Remington cartridge. The resulting rifle design was then designated as the “AR-15” which formally appeared in 1958. Amidst financial troubles, 5 designs to competing Colt, and StoArmaLite was forced to sell off its AR-10 and AR-1ner himself eventually left ArmaLite in 1961. The AR-15 was eventually adopted into the US Army inventory as the well-known “M16” while Colt also took the rifle to the civilian market as the “Colt AR-15” (a registered company trademark) and these were completed as semi-automatic rifles beginning sales in 1963.

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