buy shotguns.

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There are several reasons for buying shortguns.
* The staff will be experts
* You can ask all the questions you want
* They’ll be able to look at you and assess your build to help pick out the right model
*ask you questions about the type of shooting you plan to doing
* check you for gun fit
* know whether you should opt for a 12-bore or 20-bore
* They can advise on the legal side
* You’ll be told how to get a shotgun certificate.

All orders placed by 1 pm CST usually go out the same-day, but may be delayed. First-class mail tends to take a lot longer to deliver as compared to other options. So please don’t be in a rush if you choose this option. We recommend Priority for 2-4 day delivery. First-class can take up to a week but sometimes deliver them earlier as well, 2-3 days. First-class is only for small packages under One pound (0.45 kg).


Packages ship same-day if ordered before 1 pm CST. This is one of the fastest methods if you’re in the south-east USA. Orders placed over the weekend ship on Monday. Billing and shipping addresses must match for all Orders to be confirmed. Please use PayPal as your preferred payment option, as all shipping address being validated through PayPal. Or call your credit card company (number on the back of your card) to authorize your new address as an AVS matching address.

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