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 What is a silencer?
Definition: Silencers or any other device designed for attachment to a firearm for muffling, reducing, or stopping the noise created by firing the firearm.
A silencer is classified as a prohibited weapon under clause 4(3) of Schedule 1 of the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 (the Weapons Act) and to lawfully possess or use a prohibited weapon listed in Schedule 1 of the Weapons Act, a person must hold a prohibited weapon permit authorizing possession or use of the weapon. To obtain such a permit a person must have a genuine reason for possession and use of the silencer.
When a silencer is attached to a firearm, the firearm is then classified as a prohibited firearm by item 10 of Schedule 1 of the Firearms Act 1996. Clause 126 of the Firearms Regulation 2017 provides an exemption from the requirement to obtain a prohibited firearm permit in circumstances where the person is the holder of a firearms license and is authorized by a prohibited weapon permit to possess and use a silencer.
Who would be able to establish a genuine reason to possess and use a silencer?
The applicant must demonstrate that the possession and use of a silencer are necessary for the conduct of the applicant’s business or employment or the activity concerned.
Business/Employment Purposes:
*A person employed by a government agency, such as the National Parks and Wildlife Service or the Local Lands Service who
can demonstrate the conduct of that employment must possess and use the silencer, OR
*A person who is a professional licensed contract shooter and is contracted to control feral animals or vermin on behalf of a government agency or behalf of another person and can demonstrate it is necessary for the conduct of that employment
to possess and use the silencer, OR
*A person on behalf of a registered pest control business who is required to control feral animals or vermin and can
demonstrate the conduct of that employment must possess and use the silencer, OR
Recreational/Sporting Purposes:
* A person who can demonstrate that their recreational/sporting activity requires the possession and use of a silencer.
Note: A genuine reason may be established to possess or use a silencer that falls under a separate and specific prohibited weapons permit (A prohibited weapons dealer, theatrical armorer, collector or museum, etc). These permits have a separate application process. Please refer to the Permits page on the Firearms Registry website for further information.
What is the term of the permit?
The permit will be issued for a maximum term of 5 years.
How much will the permit cost?
The prescribed fee for this permit is $127. Your payment must accompany the application. You may pay by cheque or money order made payable to the NSW Police Force or by filling out the credit card details on the reverse of the application form. An additional $25 fee is required for each person, other than the permit holder, completing a P639 form to be listed and authorized by the permit.
What do I need to send with the application?
* A completed P638 ‘Application for a Prohibited Weapons Permit’ form, and * A completed ‘Prohibited Weapon Silencer Genuine Reason’ form, and
* A completed ‘Business Declaration’, and
* Supporting documentation as requested on the genuine reason form.
What safekeeping level applies to this permit?
Level 2 safe storage is prescribed for a silencer. See the FACT Sheet ‘Safe Storage Prohibited Weapons Level 1, 2 and 3’ and ‘Prescribed Safe Storage for Schedule 1 Prohibited Weapons’. You must meet or exceed the prescribed safe storage for the weapon concerned.
How do I apply for a Silencer Permit?
You must complete the P638 ‘Application for a Prohibited Weapons Permit’ form and the ‘Prohibited Weapon Silencer Genuine Reason’ form and where applicable provide any supporting documentation. Please see the reverse of this Fact Sheet for instructions on how to complete the P638 form.

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