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DPMS ONLINE SHIPING with Anaxil-DPMS the entity of DPMS dedicated to the training and the outsourced sharing of the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) , the DPMS group is strongly committed to pooling the DPO (social landlords, communities , professional genealogists …), with multiple expertise that results in services adapted to all organizations.

The DPMS Oracle AR-15 has very similar features to the M4 military-style rifle and is known for its excellent stopping power, lightweight operation, and intuitive design for adaptable customization.
The rifle is for gun enthusiasts who favor reliability and minimalist simplicity. With your purchase, you get optic-ready mounting that supports a mil-spec A3 upper receiver, a 16-inch heavy barrel, collapsible Pardus stock, and an A3 flattop upper.
Overall, this makes for a very well-balanced, cost-effective semi-automatic rifle with 30+1 rounds that cycle like butter. It’s pretty much stripped down to its basic bones, hence why it’s so lightweight and compact. It’s fun at the ranges as a blinker and I strongly recommend it to those who like to tweak and accessorize their semi-automatic rifles for fun.

The Oracle is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle that’s easy to take down and clean. The relatively compact size is great for starters and rookie AR-15 enthusiasts.
I’m convinced that DPMS went for a cost-effective semi-automatic rifle platform with a flexible, aftermarket-friendly design.
As of today, the Oracle AR-15 is amongst their top-selling firearms, and I believe it’s not just the price tag, but its reliability and abundant aftermarket options you can find for it as well.

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