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buy keltec firearms online.The Fixed, low profile sights and traditional smooth slim design are perfect for quick pull holster use. A durable parkerized finish gives it a tough, smooth, non-reflective surface. Smooth wood grips offer comfort in both feel and design.

We design firearms that are innovative in design and exciting to use. KelTec employs 300 American citizens – many military veterans – who come to work every day to craft unique firearms dreamed up by our team of talented engineers.

Any firearm retailer should be able to order your KelTec firearm of choice through their distributor.

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As most of you know, our firearms are in high demand. If it takes your retailer some time to get your firearm ordered, please be patient. We are working our hardest to get as many firearms out as quickly as possible while still maintaining a high level of quality control.

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There are many online retailers available to purchase firearms from. It is important to note that this process does not circumvent the transferring and background checks performed by a licensed dealer. Some online options are listed below.
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The KelTec Sub 2000

As those that can recall, the year 1999 was filled with skepticism as Y2K on the horizon was a huge mystery and full of the unknown for most of the world. Once wall clocks, Blackberry’s, and PCs everywhere rolled over from ‘99 to ‘00, the folks at KelTec were diligently working on the Gen I version of the kel tec Sub2000.

To be officially released the following year, the Sub 2000 would be given the “2000” moniker. It’s a good fit as the Sub 2000 would break from traditional designs, and have lines and features not normally seen on guns from this time period and definitely not at this price point.

As the years passed things began to change. Trends in the firearm world turned more tactical, and the squared-off blocky forend of the KelTec Sub2000 had no way of attaching any of the gear or gadgets, so it needed a change, too.

The KelTec Sub2000 Gen II was released in 2015. The updated model brought to market some much-needed refreshment in both form and function.

KelTec Sub 2000

Caliber: 9mm & .40 Caliber
Fold-able Design
Polymer Grip
Takes Glock Magazines

KelTec Sub 2000 Stock photo

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Grab-A-Gun | Palmetto State Armory | Primary Arms

KelTec Sub 2000 Design

Pistol Caliber Carbine

Let’s start off by defining a term that some people might not be familiar with. A Pistol Caliber Carbine, or PCC, by definition, is a shoulder-mounted long gun chambered in a pistol caliber cartridge. The KelTec Sub 2000 is a PCC. Its barrel is 16”, it is chambered in pistol caliber cartridges, and it has a stock so it is shoulderable like a rifle.


The KelTec Sub2000 keeps with KelTec’s theme of using glass filled polymer and steel components. The application of these materials on the KelTec Sub2000 help to keep the overall weight down and strength up in the necessary areas such as the folding mechanism and the breach of the gun. It just so happens that these two locations are in the same area.

Some would fault KelTec for use of their glass filled polymer and to be honest, it does have a less than quality feel when directly compared to other companies, but you have to keep in mind that KelTec does not aim to directly compete with these more mainstream manufacturers.

Once you understand that KelTec has carved out their own niche in the gun market over the years and that they pride themselves on designing and manufacturing unique firearms over all else, it makes sense.


KelTec also keeps with their trend of their chosen method of construction for the Sub2000. I will state that the overall feel of the Sub 2000 Gen II is a far cry better than that of the original Sub 2000. I also believe the construction feels more solid than that of the forearm section of the KelTec KSG that we reviewed earlier. This may be because there are no large sections of polymer that have to be moved to cycle the Sub 2000.

KelTec uses their two-half clamshell construction on the forearm of the Sub2000, on the covering of the chamber area, and the pistol grip. As mentioned before, the application of this design does not bother me as much as it does with KelTec’s KSG. The forearm is very solid and does not flex when locked in the firing position.

The only place where this design can be seen as a weakness is in the magwell located in the pistol grip, and as when compared to any other mag well located in the same place, there is always a degree of flex when squeezed. With the magazine inserted, the flex goes away from this area altogether.

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