pistol 22 long rifle

pistol 22 long rifle

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There’s always something new to learn about firearms. For example, I had no idea that real, serious accuracy competitions existed in .22 caliber. Well, there is, and the piece of kit to have, assuming you’re not custom-building a rifle, is the Ruger Precision Rifle in .22 LR. Ruger is getting a name for themselves in the high-end rifle game, and it shows here.
This is a nice bolt action rifle, period. The AR-style pistol grip, fiberglass chassis, heavy barrel, massive bolt handle, and ability to take any kind of accessory you might like, make this look like most tactical rifles you’d see at the range.

The main difference between this and its much, much more expensive cousins is the caliber. Here, having a .22 caliber rifle might make an awesome training tool: developing the muscle memory to shoot well, without the flinch that most people get with bigger calibers, would put you well on the path to accurate shooting, whether it’s on this gun or a scaled-up version. Off the range, this would be the ultimate varmint rifle at medium to long ranges.

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