Federal 12ga Personal Defense 2.75″ 00Buck 9 Pellets 5rd PD13200




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Make the threat scatter, not the pellets. Federal Premium® buckshot loads featuring the rear-braking FLITECONTROL® wad provide superior patterns to better protect your family. Their specialized payloads produce penetration fine-tuned to the needs of self-defense situations.

Copper-plated shot

Buffering prevents deformation

FLITECONTROL® wad provides the tightest, most reliable patterns possible

BUY FEDERAL PERSONAL DEFENSE. Effective self-defense requires ammunition that provides consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. And HST® delivers. That’s why it’s already the duty load of choice for law enforcement officers throughout the world. Its specially designed hollow point won’t plug while passing through a variety of barriers, and the bullet jacket and core hold together to provide nearly 100 percent weight retention through even the toughest materials. Federal Ammunition is a household name trusted by shooters because of their dedication to producing quality ammunition with cutting-edge technology for decades. Federal’s Tactical Law Enforcement shotgun ammo is engineered for dependability and pattern performance. This LE 12 gauge 00 Buckshot ammunition features Federal’s FLITECONTROL wad technology that delivers tighter patterns due to the “rear-braking” wad that keeps the shot inside of the wad as it exits the barrel, verses a conventional wad that dispenses the shot into a cloud. The FLIGHTCONTROL wad eliminates the need for barrel alterations or aftermarket choke tubes and, when combined with copper plated shot and recoil reduction, produces the most accurate and tightest shotshell pattern available for LE and home-defense shooter.


• HEAVYWEIGHT TSS payload with advanced buffering material
• As much as twice the pellet count of lead No. 5 loads of the same weight
• 22 percent denser material than standard tungsten; 56 percent denser than lead
• FLITECONTROL FLEX wad provides extremely tight, consistent patterns through standard and ported turkey chokes
• Roll crimp and clear card wad keeps buffering material in place
• Full-length wads prevent direct contact of the extra-hard pellets and the bore, protecting the barrel


Go beyond the limits of long-range with Federal HEAVYWEIGHT TSS. The loads blend the 18 grams/cc density of Tungsten Super Shot pellets with the new FLITECONTROL FLEX wad to provide the most deadly patterns possible at extreme range.


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