Federal 12ga 2 3/4″ Buckshot – 00 Buck


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Manufacturer: Federal
Ammo Caliber: 12 Gauge


federal 12ga

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Federal Ammo

12 Gauge

2-3/4″ Shell Length

9 Pellet

00 Buckshot

Package of 5

Flitecontrol Wad

Muzzle velocity: 1145 fps

Uses: Self Defense, Personal Protection, or Training

Federal Ammunition is a household name trusted by shooters because of their dedication to producing quality ammunition with cutting-edge technology for decades. Federal’s Tactical Law Enforcement shotgun ammo is engineered for dependability and pattern performance. This LE 12 gauge 00 Buckshot ammunition features Federal’s FLITECONTROL wad technology that delivers tighter patterns due to the “rear-braking” wad that keeps the shot inside of the wad as it exits the barrel, verses a conventional wad that dispenses the shot into a cloud. The FLIGHTCONTROL wad eliminates the need for barrel alterations or aftermarket choke tubes and, when combined with copper plated shot and recoil reduction, produces the most accurate and tightest shotshell pattern available for LE and home-defense shooters.

A simple and effective target load for trap, skeet, and sporting clays, Federal Top Gun® Target Load Shotshells are perfect for the shooter who spends a lot of time breaking clays without breaking his or her wallet. Made to deliver outstanding clay-busting performance at a highly competitive, value price, Top Gun Target loads provide reliable consistency shot after shot after shot. Reloadable for greater economy.

Reliable performance for high-volume shooters
Shot-to-shot consistency
Target load for trap, skeet, and sporting clay shooters
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