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Combining a unique advantage with the tried and true formula of high quality round chilled shot, clean burning powders, one-piece shot cup cushioned wads and reliable primers allows Fiocchi of America to deliver the best Dove & Quail loads on the market.

There’s a strange and circuitous history of Fiocchi in the United States. They shared a factory with Smith & Wesson Alton, IL in the 1950s. However, the interest between both companies began to conflict, and Fiocchi sold its share. This represented a temporary end to the Fiocchi brand in the United States. However, Carlo Fiocchi, the great-grandson of the founder of Fiocchi, came to the United States on his honeymoon in 1980. Unfortunately for Carlo and fortunately for American partisans of the brand, this was to be a working honeymoon. His research led to the 1983 founding of a Fiocchi importation center.
One thing the company didn’t count on was massive demand stateside. Fiocchi was simply unprepared to meet the demands of the American market on an import basis. Carlo convinced Fiocchi president Paolo that building a manufacturing plant in the Ozarks near Springfield was the right step forward for the company. In a strange echo of the company’s origins, the land for the plant was purchased from a farmer who had defaulted on his mortgage. The surrounding community welcomed Fiocchi of America with open arms as they brought good manufacturing jobs to the region. Over 75 percent of the ammunition Fiocchi sells in the United States is also manufactured in the United States. This is how Fiocchi has earned its American slogan “Italian by birth, American by choice.”
Where Is Fiocchi Ammo Made?
While many collectors and everyday hunters and sportsmen use Fiocchi Ammunition for shooting targets, clay, or game, Fiocchi is an Italian brand, with its Italian manufacturing hub in the same region (Bologna) that manufactures Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Perhaps Fiocchi could be considered the Ferrari of ammunition, but at a price point nearly anyone can afford. A quick visit to the company’s website will show the sleek and elegant design for which Italian luxury brands are world-famous, along with Fiocchi ammo reviews that are often stellar.
Fiocchi has a strong history and is committed to continually improving its influence and reputation among American sporting shooters. And after all these years, the Fiocchi family are still firmly in control of this business, an enterprise run with love by a single family for over 140 years, and now on its fourth and fifth generations. All told, 70 family members have shares in a holding company that owns the ammunition manufacturing enterprise.
“My family name is on the frigging box! I cannot sell anything but the best. It’s my Italian sense of pride.”


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