Hevi-Shot Hevi-Duty 9mm Frangible 100gr 50rds


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Manufacturer: Hevi-Shot
Ammo Caliber: 9 MM


Hevi Shot

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The first bullet from Centerfire is a Precision Steel Safe Ammunition that brings you frangible, non-toxic bullets and loaded cartridges that deliver improved accuracy and no ricochet at a price that is comparable to traditional lead bullets. Competitive and recreational shooters can look forward to many more calibers in the HEVI-Duty® Centerfire lineup soon!

Frangible with no ricochet
Non-toxic bullets and primers to provide a completely non-toxic shooting experience
Match Grade Accuracy

HEVI-Shot HEVI-Duty 9mm Luger Centerfire Ammunition features non-toxic bullets and primers and is the ideal choice for competitive shooting events or range training. This lead-free 9mm Luger Ammunition from the experts at HEVI-Shot is designed with non-Toxic Frangible bullets that won’t ricochet or over-penetrate upon impact so you can safely practice with steel targets without worry. While HIV-Shot HEVI-Duty 100gr 9mm Centerfire Ammo isn’t your traditional lead cartridge, its Match Grade Accuracy will improve your efficiency on the course or at the range. Create a safer and more precise shooting experience by keeping your weapon loaded with HEVI-Shot HEVI-Duty Non-Toxic 9mm Centerfire Ammunition.
HEVI-Shot is an Oregon-based ammo company that has long been known for its Shotgun Ammo meticulously designed and thoughtfully engineered around a variety of bird hunting including duck, goose, pheasant, and turkey. They’ve constantly evolved their products as new materials become available, always striving to provide the very best in modern shotshells. They also offer Choke Tubes to up your game in turkey hunting and waterfowling, a perfect bird-busting combo when paired with their shotgun shells. They’ve also expanded into predator territory with their DEAD COYOTE! shotgun ammo, specifically tuned to the unique challenges of coyote hunting. Now you can even get Handgun Ammo from this legendary company!
What is in HEVI-Shot?
HIVI-Shot materials vary by the intended application, target species, and desired performance. These shot metals include steel, tungsten, bismuth, and bismuth layered over steel. Some of their shells are loaded with different sizes of shot layered in a way that maximizes their performance.
What is HEVI-Steel made of?
HEVI-Steel is made of steel pellets but is loaded for a higher fps (feet per second) than competitors. HEVI-Metal is another type of shell that they offer that also has a steel shot but is loaded with two sizes of HEVI-Shot alloy pellets to fill gaps in your shot pattern.
Is HEVI-Shot harder than steel?
No, aside from HEVI-Steel all HEVI-Shot loads are designed to be softer than straight steel, increasing shot density and therefore providing tighter patterns. The shells loaded with bismuth are much softer but still nontoxic, the advantage there is that you can fire them through older shotguns that were not designed for today’s steel nontoxic loads.
Shop at for HEVI-Shot products including HEVI-Steel, DEAD COYOTE!, and HEVI-Metal shotgun shells, along with matching shotgun chokes!

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