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Want to buy Hornady Muzzleloader Round Balls -.32 to .54 Caliber?. Well, Buy Hornady®
Muzzleloader Round Balls -.32 to .54 Caliber and you will confirm that they are ideal for hunting or target shooting with your best selling muzzleloader collection. These round balls are cold swaged from pure lead and are exceptionally uniform with no air pockets or voids. The smooth round surface allows for better rotation and improved accuracy. Also, It has varying bullet weight with a package quantity of 100 packs and ball Caliba of .32 TO .54 CALIBER.
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Hornady, which has long been an innovator in new bullets and cartridges, is not your average ammunition maker. In just the past 25 years, the company has created the 17 HMR, which rewrote the rules of rimfire performance, and collaborated with Ruger in creating the 204 Ruger, 300, and 338 Ruger Compact Magnums, 375 Ruger and 416 Ruger. Hornady then created the wildly successful 6.5 mm Creedmoor and followed that up with the 6 mm Creedmoor and the 300 PRC.
Now Hornady is at it again with a new bullet, called Bore Driver FTX, that redefines performance for muzzleloader projectiles. Hornady’s goal was to deliver maximum accuracy and lethality in a bullet that’s also easy and fast to load. Based on the results of testing the bullet in my 50 Cal. Thompson Center Triumph muzzleloader Hornady has succeeded admirably.
Bore Driver FTX bullets are initially offered in 50-caliber with a weight of 290-grains. These bullets do not use a sabot. Instead, they employ a polymer gas-seal base with a post that fits into the bottom of the bullet. Upon ignition, the post expands to firmly engage the inside of the bullet while short, centering petals grip the boattail bottom of the bullet as the polymer base engages the rifling. This expanding post also causes the bullet itself to expand a bit, helping the bullet engage the rifling as it spins down the bore. Thus, bullets are better stabilized in flight, and that can contribute to better accuracy.




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