The Walther DAO P99 airsoft gun shoots with precision and accuracy.



walther p99 gun

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LOOK FOR the Unique Lines and Distinctive Shape of the P99 replica as a TRADEMARK of Walther. CO2 airsoft pistols come and go, but Walther is known for a tradition of innovation. Add the P99 CO2 airsoft pistol to your game. The Walther DAO P99 airsoft gun shoots with precision and accuracy.

 Although the Walther P99 doesn’t feature heavily in the James Bond novel series, Raymond Benson briefly replaced the PPK with the P99 in his novelisation of Tomorrow Never Dies. In the following novels Bond uses both guns: the PPK for undercover work being smaller and easier to conceal while he used the P99 for jobs that did not require concealment.
The feature-packed Walther P99 Blowback CO2 airsoft pistol is as at home plinking targets as it is on the field of combat. This double action gun is capable of firing 6mm .20g BBs through its smooth bore brass inner barrel at 320 fps with each pull of the trigger. When it’s time for a reload, pressing down on the paddle style mag release smoothly ejects the drop-free 15-round BB magazine and exposes the hidden CO2 piercing knob in the grip.

320 fps with .20g airsoft BBs
Fires 6mm, .20g airsoft BBs
Realistic blowback
Paddle style mag release
Fixed front and rear sights
15-round drop-free magazine
CO2 compartment is hidden in the grip
Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule

The Walther P99 is a German pistol which replaced the Walther PPK as James Bond’s main sidearm from 1997 (Tomorrow Never Dies) to 2008 (Quantum of Solace), where it was phased out again in favor of the PPK. The weapon was developed for law enforcement, security forces and the civilian shooting market as a replacement for the Walther P5 and the P88.

The “Wolfram P2K“, a semi-fictional firearm modelled on the P99, renamed and lacking identifying trademarks, appeared in the James Bond video games The World Is Not Enough (2000), Agent Under Fire (2001) and Nightfire (2002).


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